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Nicolas is a French engineer who considers the first to build the world’s first Steam Powered Tricycle vehicle in History.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot had born in September 25, 1725 at a small town in Void-Vacon from France, then in 1756 at the age of 31 Nicolas joints the military to participate in seven years war as French military engineer. Therefore, Nicolas returns from Paris in 1763 when the war has ended, and then Cugnot devoted his time thinking on a lot of inventions for military proposes in future coming. So, he builds his own invention to achieve his goal. The invention is a two steam powered tractor vehicle.


The build of two steams or two piston engine by Cugnot, but not him alone who invented it?

Yes, the invention of this steam engine was invented by two inventors; Thomas Newcomen designed the steam engine to raise water by fire to produce steam in the year of 1710s. In 1776 James Watt who’s interested on steam engine that he improves Thomas Newcomen Steam engine. So, Nicolas Cugnot got the invention of Thomas and Watt, in order to have a tractor on cannon for the war.

The two steam powered engine help to carry haul artillery on motion rather than carry by hand, but unfortunately, the two steams powered tricycle do stop for decreasing of steam for 10 – 20 min of witting or more. They placed the engine and boiler above the front wheel and used two pistons to push notched discs on each side of the front wheel. For being first propelled vehicle it doesn’t have a strong brake, unfortunately Cugnot vehicle was the first to be in an accident.

Either way, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot achieve the goal to be the first propelled two-steam vehicle, even though that steam engine has water problem and maintaining too much pressure, but it gives other generation to improve it and become what’s today and future after.

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