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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren one of the of the most successful motorsport history. SLR stand for “Sport Leicht Rennsport” in German, translate to English “Sport Lightweight racing”. The Manufactures that build SLR is German Automotive Mercedes-Benz and British Automotive McLaren that has been started building SLR in 1950s. The German engineer/designer Rudolf Uhlenhaut that design SLR joined Mercedes-Benz in 1931, and then joined for leadership for racing in 1936. In 1955 he has designed 300 SLR that dominate the races of six competitions in a single year.


300 SLR is a mid-engine that located behind the front axles for balance the weight distribution from the front and rear. Therefore, engine has a capacity of inline-8 - 3.0L 7500 RPM to attained speed it can go over 310hp with a 300Ib-ft of torque, hence why they called it a 300 SLR. Anyway, body made of aluminum that gives a light weight size of 235kg for getting a better performance in racing.

300 SLR won six computations in single year in 1955.

In 1955 at Mille Migilia race from Brescia to Rome in Public Street over 1500 km, therefore, the day starts at 30 May, 1995 at the morning.

In 1955 the famous win in Mercedes history on two English drivers name; driver Sterling Moss and Co. driver Denis Jenkenson who is also gives direction to the racer Sterling in order to know the way, in other hand the starting race for Mercedes at 7:22am. The race took 10 – 15 hours to finish. Therefore, 300 SLR won the race for breaking a record for 10 hours and 8 minutes for an average speed of 160km/h. in the second place in 30 minutes before is a 300SLR Argentinian driver Juan Manual also known as El Maestro. The third place Ferrari 376 S driver Luciano Monteferrario.

In 1955, May 29 the race begins in the city of Eifelrennen Nurburgring in Germany on the entry of over 40 racers participate in ten laps. The winners of the race by 300SLR driver Juan Manual then second place won by a 0.1 second is 300SLR Sterling Moss then third is Ferrari 750 Monza Masten Gegory.

In the 1955, August 7 on Sunday in Kristiansand, Sweden Grand Prix that toke under two hours in 32 Laps. The winner of the race is 300 SLR Juan Manual then the second place is 300 SLR Sterling Moss, then third place toke by Aston Martin Sport by Roy Salvadori.

In 1955, September 18 on Sunday in Northern Ireland, Dundrod the Tourist Trophy Race won by Sterling Moss on his 26th birthday by sharing his celebration on his Birthday. The entry was 64 race cars in 84 laps, but unfortunately three drivers lost their life by fatal accident. In other hand 300-SLR won in first place Sterling Moss, second place Juan Manual, and third place Wolfgang Von Trips.

In 1955, October 16 on Sunday 39th Targa Floria Race, it was also a 6th and final round of F.I.A World Sport Car Champion Season takes place in Sicily, Italy. The total of 64 racing cars those register to compete in Targa Floria the weather was warm and dry, through the distance of 13 Laps with a ten thousand curve takes about 10hours. 300 SLR won the race in 9:43:14 with a speed of 96.29km by Sterling Moss and Peter Collins, Second place goes to 300 SLR by Juan Manual and Karl Kling, and Third place goes to Ferrari 860 Monza by Eugenio Castellotti and Robert Manzon.

The Disaster of La Mans 55 in France, Circuit de la Sarthe at 11 of June 1955 on Sunday and it was the fourth round of the F.I.A World Sports Car Champion. The amount was about 60 to 70 race cars that register the La Mans 24 hour’s race. Mercedes-Benz designs an airbrake to help to slow down the car by decreeing aerodynamic that debut at La Mans. The winner was Jaguar Type-D by Mike Hawthorn had completed the 300 laps. In other hand, the disaster happened at 35 laps when Austin-Healey moved across the road. Furthermore, Pierre-Levegh in 300 SLR rise his hand to the opponent that also a 300 SLR by Juan Manual to slow down, but unfortunately Pierre couldn’t slow, so he hit Austin on the back on hitting the wall killing one spectator leaving the driver unharmed. Pierre hit railroad than the 300 SLR exploded in to three pieces killing the driver instantly and killing 80 to 100 spectators and injured 180 spectators.

After the race of La Mans on banning all race for the amount of death led to an immediately temporary ban on motorsport in all nations until they could have safety standard. America has an authorization of safety condition, so all nations removed the ban for one year, but France removed the ban in 14 September 1955. Furthermore, America has an authority to take over the motorsport and Switzerland removed the ban in 2015 for a condition in electric cars only so called Formula E.

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