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About Us

MEGA STAR MOTORS L.L.C where the universe of automotive belongs to in which this automotive showroom was established in 1993, means is the fourth oldest showroom in Dubai. Furthermore, Mega Star Motors is one of the leads showrooms in Dubai, on the side of having limited production cars or being called collector cars that aren't a duplicated car on the street. The cars that we provide are high prestige in which we take care of cars by the types of classic cars and modern cars in the garage which has air conditioning.


Mega Star Motors, had sold over 100 cars per year, in which estimate of over 300,000 – 500,000 cars sold in this showroom. Moreover, we provide the best condition which guarantees the best driving experience.


How you buy cars from us with inspection and shipping a cross country, is by paying the down payment or deposit to secure the car and we’ll inspect the car by the deposit, then you have the consideration to accept – send us the full payment with your passport then it goes on its way to your garage with its service book and spare parts. If you have lost on considering the car we can refund the deposit, but minus the inspection payment. Shipping will be international and it’s either transport on water or airplane or truck with cover or without cover.


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